Where does your food come from?

Stores are full of beautiful, ripe, fresh fruit and vegetables. Loaded with delicious, nutritious meats and dairy products. And lets not forget about the wholesome grains. But all of this life-sustaining food doesn’t come from the store; it’s just sold there. Our food comes from hard-working men and women, that get up every day to provide us with this safe, nutritious food.

Since our food doesn’t come from “the store,” why is it that too many people seem to think its ok to choose a teeny fish over pumping necessary water for the crops? Why is it ok to destroy farm ground to build a train that will more than likely cost CA a small fortune and will never be completed? Why is it ok to destroy family businesses for this same train to nowhere? Where will our food come from if the ground is gone? Where will our food come from if regulations get so cumbersome and costly that no one can afford to farm? The US has the safest food supply in the World!

Here are two recent articles worth checking out:

Pacific Legal Foundation is continuing their effort to defend water rights and common sense. Recently they asked the Supreme Court “to hear their constitutional challenge to the federal government’s Delta smelt regulations that have led to devastating water-delivery restrictions through-out two-thirds of California.” -excert from PLF news release


Fox News visited the Central Valley to interview local dairy families about how the high-speed rail will affect their businesses.



High-Speed Fail

The idea of traveling quickly North to San Francisco to catch a Niners game or South to LA to shop sounds divine! To not have to worry about timing it to avoid sitting in traffic. Not having to worry about if you’ll find a parking spot. Sounds amazing doesn’t it?!

Ask yourself these questions: Do you think the High-Speed Rail is actually going to be built? Do you think the HSR is going to be cheaper to ride versus driving? Even with todays high gas prices. How much will tax-payers have to subsidize the cost of a ticket? How over budget will it be? How much farm land, businesses and homes will be destroyed? How much time will it actually take to get to San Francisco or LA? How much money has already been wasted? How many people will actually ride the High-Speed Rail?

Anyone else find it odd that it runs through a certain someones district?! When the plan was originally to go along the 99? Why can’t they decide on a route?

California can not afford to build the High-Speed Fail right now! The Central Valley can not afford to have good farm land tore up. Especially if its going to be just some unused tracks dividing land. Maybe, one day when our state has a balanced budget with money in the reserve. AND the Federal government has a balanced budget. But, right now is not the time to build this. Lets follow the other states who have scrapped their high-speed rail plans and get back to basics.

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